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What is HIC2 ?

HIC2 is a healthcare technology company that empowers, engages and educates the consumer in making decisions to enhance their personal health status. 

The HIC2 platform is a Health Index that brings together all health information in real time, 24/7, from any source, for improving health and wellness while reducing the cost of doing it.  

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What makes the HIC2 Platform Unique?

HIC2 provides rapid and simultaneous ingestion and correlation of billions of records while adding intelligence in real time and feeding it to an Avatar in a 3-D model through the use of micro-services on the cloud combined with AR/VR and voice activation.

The HIC2 platform is able to continue adding health data to the 3-D Avatar from relevant content to transform machine information through unique algorithms in the system. Data includes health risks, lifestyle, diagnostics, genetic and social determinants factors. Cognitive analytics and machine intelligence combine with voice interaction for the learning process.

Rules of engagement effectively used in the gaming industry are applied to health, illness and wellness data. Through the use of AR/VR the person is able to fully engage in a personalized experience with the benefits of understanding their health information and making decisions to benefit their health status.

The HIC2 platform is an exchange/communication tool providing health data that is easy to visualize and understand. The health information is in one place and can be shared 24/7 from anywhere in the world, using face recognition and barcoding which is as simple to show as passport.

Although there are many vendors in the market who have vertical solutions to address some of these problems, HIC2 provides a disruptive solution in the digital health sector with data belonging to the consumer, patient, employee partnering with their corporation, health provider or family to engage in health decisions for improving their health and wellness status.

Our Platform

Empower providing Personal Health Information

Engage with a Cognitive experience in VR and AI

Educate consumer with Health Information  

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The HIC2 is a diverse team of technology leaders and C-level executives in the health care industry.

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